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Possible solutions:

This often happens when you are using the "Layer schemes" layer control method. The "Layer schemes" system will turn all layers off except those in the last layer scheme used in the drawing (or the default layer scheme if none was used). If the drawing you are opening has objects that are on layers that are not a part of the layer scheme they will be turned off.

Here are two ways to keep your layers from getting turned off:

1. Modify or create a layer scheme file to include your layers

See: Using the SCHEMEDIT command to modify or create a layer scheme and/or Steps for setting up layer schemes


2. Change the layer control method so that you use one of the other layer control methods, you might select the “no layer control” method until you can spend the time to create a layer scheme file w/ your layers (see above help URL’s for help on creating/modifying layer schemes).

Steps to doing this:

  1. Type “APS” at the command prompt
  2. Click on the “Layer Control” button
  3. Select the circle in the “No Layer Control” box at the top left side of the dialog
  4. Press OK
  5. Press Save and Exit

For more information on layer control methods see choosing a layer control method


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