Architectural Production Software 2005

I see smiley faces () where the Software commands should be.

This happens when the bitmap images for the toolbar buttons are not located in the AutoCAD search path. This can be caused by losing a network connection or if the path to the Software software somehow changes.

Solution steps:

1. Add the Software folders to the AutoCAD search path

To add the Software software folders to the AutoCAD search path you may either reinstall the Software software or manually add the paths (see here for instructions on how to manually add the paths).

2. Reload your menu file

Once the Software folders have been added to your search path you will need to reload your menu from the .MNU file. By loading the .MNU file you will force AutoCAD to recompile all of the images for your toolbars and get rid of the smileys.

Type "MENU" at the command prompt

At the bottom of the menu file selection dialog change the "Files of type:" to "Menu Template (*.mnu)" as shown above.

Now you may select your menu file and press "Open" or "OK".


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