Architectural Production Software 2005

When I try to run one of the APS commands I get "Unknown command..."  


The APS software is not being loaded.



For APS-2006 users:

Assuming that the installation has copied all the APS files to the location you selected during the install and the path to those files has been added to the AutoCAD system path all you should need to do is "MENULOAD" the correct "Main" menu file for the version of AutoCAD that you are using to get the APS software to load. Once a menu is "MENULOAD'ed" it should continue to load in all of your new and existing drawings. If for some reason it does not simply "MENULOAD" the menu file again.

To verify that your installation has copied all the files needed to your installation location and that the file locations are set up correctly in the AutoCAD system path you may use the APS-VERIFY command. See the APS-VERIFY command for more information.

For more information on how to load the APS menu file see the "Load an APS 'Main' menu file" portion of the Setting Up the APS Software Manually page.

For APS-2005 and prior version users:

You may use the APS-SETUP command to set how the software will load or you may insert the code that loads the software manually. If you are not familiar with AutoLISP® and the menu LISP (.MNL) file syntax we recommend using the APS-SETUP command.


Manually setting how the APS software loads



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