Architectural Production Software 2005

The number screen menu lines set in APS-CONFIG has been set to 0.

Type "APS-CONFIG" at the command prompt,

press ,

then press .

Edit the "Number of lines visible on screen menu -->:"

The screen menu should have numbers displayed like shown here:
Enter the largest number that you can see clearly.

  • I am seeing smileys () where flyouts should be and some of the flyouts are blank . When I click on one of the flyouts I get an error that looks like this
    • Chances are that when you created the menu you forgot to set the menugroup so that it matches the menugroup called out in the toolbars section of the menu you assembled. To fix this problem you will need to recreate your menu with the MENUBUILDER command making sure to enter a menugroup name that matches the menugroups used in the toolbars section as shown below or if you know about menu structure you may manually edit the menu file in an ASCII text editor and change it there.

      Once you select the toolbars for your menu the "Menugroup:" portion of the dialog will display all the menugroups that have been called out in the toolbars chosen as shown above.

      Type in the menugroup displayed (or one of the menugroups displayed if there is more than one)

      As long as your menugroup matches the ones used in the toolbar section of your menu you should not have this problem.


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