Creating Layer Scheme Files for Other Floor Levels
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Creating layer scheme files for other floor levels (from the provided first floor layer scheme APS-Level-1-Plans.lyr).

For this example we will create a file for the second level floor plans.

1. In Windows® Explorer, right-click on the APS-Level-1-Plans.lyr file (found in the "Custom" folder) and select "Copy". Right-click on a blank portion of the same folder and select "Paste", a copy of the file will appear. Right-click on this newly created copy and rename it to APS-Level-2-Plans.lyr.

2. Open the file in Notepad. Click the "Edit" pull-down and select "Replace". In the "Find what:" box type in "-01", in the "Replace with:" box type "-02", and then press "Replace All".

3. Change the text in the "Find what:" box to "-B1", the text in the "Replace with:" box to "-01", and then press the "Replace All" button once more.

4. Save the file and close Notepad.

5. If AutoCAD® is not open, open it. Type in SCHEMEDIT at the command prompt or press , press the "Edit existing layer scheme" button, and browse for the APS-Level-2-Plans.lyr file you just created. Edit each of the layer scheme titles so that they all show the second floor level instead of the first. When done, save the layer scheme file.

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