Hatch - When "It won't hatch!"
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What to do when "it won't hatch!"

Just about everyone has seen at one time or another the message: "Hatch spacing too dense, or dash size too small." right after you've unsuccessfully tried to hatch an area. This frustrating message has the obvious workaround of dividing up the area to be hatched into smaller areas with some temporary lines or with lines on a "non plot" layer so the hatch will remain associative. While this works fine in most instances it is also helpful to understand what is happening when you receive this message so a less painful solution can be used.

AutoCAD by default limits you to 10,000 lines/dots in a hatch pattern. When you exceed this number you will get the infamous "Hatch spacing too dense, or dash size too small." and no hatch. This limit is set in the AutoCAD environment variable "MAXHATCH". The good news is that you can make this value larger. We are not sure what the upper limit is but we've entered 100,000,000 in release 2006 AutoCAD and it took it. Depending on the types of hatching you typically do and how often you get this message you may adjust your value accordingly. The format for setting this value is the following entered at the command prompt:

(SETENV "MAXHATCH" "700000")

Note that both the "MAXHATCH" and the value that you are entering (700,000 above) must be in quotes.



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