Architectural  Production  Software

Architectural  Production  Software
Add-on software for AutoCAD
for Commercial and Residential

Architectural Production Software

APS is now open source!

What does this mean for you???
First, you don't pay for it anymore. Yeah! Second we have stopped developing for it. Boo!  But, while there will be no more features added by us, that won't stop it from being used or developed by you or others. APS is now covered under the GNU General Public License so that it will be able to be used from here on out by everyone. The raw LISP code will be available here for everyone to download and use. You may customize it, pull it apart, make it yours.

Can I still use it as is?
Of course. The installation is almost exactly the same. The software will work uncompiled just as it did in the prior compiled version. The only difference will be that you will be able to see it and modify it if you like.

If I want to modify the software do I need to know programming?
Yes. You would need to be fairly fluent in AutoLISP and DCL. This entire system is written in AutoLISP and DCL. None of the newer C# or other languages. While modern programmers are cringing, those with experience using AutoLISP will know what to do. It is a simple lanquage that most AutoCAD power users have dabbled in. While we've taken it to an extreme in this system it is still just AutoLISP (although often used in ways it may never have been intended.)

Software is compatible with AutoCAD 2000 and all newer versions of AutoCAD


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