Packing Tips for Moving

Transitioning to a new city can be an exciting adventure, but packing and organizing for a move can be an overwhelming task. Furnishings, clothing, appliances and household items have to be organized, packed, loaded and shipped for the big move. In order to effectively pack up a home for a move, a few simple tips can make the process easier and more efficient.

Label Boxes by Room and Contents

One important house moving technique that can be quite helpful in the transition to a new location is to accurately label all moving boxes in an organized and efficient manner. It is beneficial to label each box according to the contents of the box and according to the room in which the items came from. For example, a box containing a lamp should be labeled “living room table lamp” rather than “lamp”, so it is clear exactly where the box needs to go to be unpacked at the new destination. Insufficient labeling of boxes can lead to frustration when it comes to unpacking and reorganizing household furnishings.

Create a Staging Area

A beneficial house moving technique is to create a staging area in the home that can be used for furnishings that have been packed and are ready to load on a moving truck. Furniture, clothing, decorative accents, linens and dishes can be temporarily stored in the staging area. This organizational technique will help a homeowner know exactly what still needs to be boxed up for the move. A staging area also provides a homeowner with a visual idea of the items that need to be transported. As an added benefit, a staging area helps to keep furnishings out of mainstream traffic, so boxes are not scattered haphazardly around the entire house. ongkir Bandung Semarang

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Hire Professional Movers

Many homeowners are capable of packing and moving some household items and furnishings without hiring extra help. However on the day of the actual move, it can be extremely beneficial to hire professional movers to help load all furnishings onto a moving truck. Even if a homeowner chooses to rent his own moving van, hiring professional movers for a few hours to help load and store items on the truck can prove to be advantageous. This important moving technique will help save the stress on a homeowner’s knees and back. The extra manpower will come in handy for heavy lifting. Professional movers know strategies for loading heavy furniture and homegoods using moving equipment and special techniques.

Donate Unwanted Items

Preparing for a move gives a homeowner the opportunity to get rid of items that are no longer wanted or needed. As items are being packed and organized, broken, torn and damaged furnishings and household goods can be thrown away. If unwanted items are still in good condition, they can be donated to charitable organizations. If household furnishings do not serve a useful purpose or provide aesthetic beauty to a living space, they can be given away. Items that have sentimental value should always be packed up and included with the rest of the belongings for the move.

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